Our Mission

Mission Statement

On-Point Volunteers Association believes in the value of volunteers that are required to build healthy communities. By developing long-lasting relationships with other non-profits and charities in our communities, we will provide meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities to our members through volunteering.

Our Vision

Vision Statement

As a non-profit organization, On-Point Volunteers Association is committed to:

-connecting our members to meaningful volunteer opportunities in a group setting

-fostering our members to become life-long volunteers

-communicating the value of volunteers to our communities

-encouraging the integration of new members to our organization

-guiding our members to develop personally and professionally through volunteering activities

Our Goals

Top 8 goals of On-Point Volunteers Association

1. Continuously develop relationships with non-profit organizations in our communities

2. Share the impact of volunteering with those who may not yet know how important volunteers are to making communities healthy

3. Develop a volunteer recognition program so that our volunteers know how important they are to us

4. Provide meaningful information to our members on how their hard work benefits those we partner with

5. Search and find meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members so that they build on personal and professional goals while volunteering

6. Build a diverse and safe organization for all members of our community

7. Encourage all members to contribute to the growth of our organization and to have a forum for providing regular feedback

8. Work hard to make sure everyone has fun while giving back to their community